Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Enter and Win-click the link below!

Leave your email address in a comment here, to enter to win my items.
The clickable links you'll see at the end of that blog, are all the other blogs you can enter and win other items at.
Have fun!-Nat

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


For all those who came here looking for the blog contest for the 15th and 16th-welcome!
Here is how it works:

There will be a blog link to the Blogmania headquarters in the next email. Leave your email address in a comment below that blog post there, to be entered in to win my items.
There are also over 160 links to other blogs, where you can do the same thing! These are located under the same link.

And that's it! You can also visit tons of other blogs, all giving away goodies of their own. You never know who will be the winner of any of them, and it just might be you!!

I am giving away the following to two winners(so you have two chances to win!):

2 of my Pink with Black Detailing

Handmade Sugar Skull Beads

-or- My adjustable, wire wrapped,
Sun and Moon Ring

Remember, entering starts tomorrow, and goes on two days only. I will be making a post here sometime on Wednesday, and that is where you will leave your comment to enter! See you there!!!

-Nat :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dragon Ferrets and Guinea Pigs?

Yes! You heard, right, Ferrets and Guinea Pigs, with Dragon wings! In necklace form, that is...
I sold my first Dragon Ferret, which was a sort of brownish-cinnamon color:

So, I decided to create some more, in smoke/black and white, and an albino ferret, with red eyes...(both are the same proportioned images, only the 2nd one looks chunkier, due to the camera angle)

And of course, a Dragon Guinea Pig!

A new raven necklace and antique sugar skulls are now in my shop as well:

This week's Praying Angel(and Angel Cat)-auction almost over!

New Praying Angel in a few days, and I'll be listing a new one. :)

More goodies and new ferret artworks for charity, coming soon!
Until then, Nat

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Changes Are Good!

Hi Everyone,

If you decided to drop by my Ebay Art Store,'Natamonworld', you'll most likely exclaim,'Where did Nat's store go!!??' But it's all ok! I'm picking up, and moving all my artwork, exclusively to Etsy!
I'm simply combining my ebay store contents, with my DishyThicket Etsy Art one. And although it sounds simple enough, it's a bit more complex, as I have hundreds of works to place into it. But never fear, as I will load it up, bit by steady bit. ;)
However, I am still auctioning off one original art card, each week on ebay, just without the store in the background. So keep expecting those-infact, a new one will be up tomorrow evening.

Many more goodies are also being added to the Dreamtrappings Jewelry Store on Etsy, so check back weekly for more and more new things being added all the time. I have many new items to list, so hooray for variety and quantity in one!
Here are just a few new items of mine:
New Sugar Skull Colors!..Gray and...

Sugar Skull Beads That Glow In the Dark!

A Leather, Glass and Antique Bronze Sacred Heart Necklace:

A Leather Wonderland "Eat" Bun and "Drink" Bottle...

Naturally, that's only the start of it! Even more Sugar Skulls, leather tooled items(of all kinds!), pendants, bracelets and more are being added daily.

A new video for that, also coming soon...

Until the next update-Nat ;)

Monday, May 3, 2010

HairSticks! Goodie-Goodie!

Who's got the hairsticks? Well me of course! ^_^
Yes, I have added yet another feather to my artistic cap in creating these, and I truly enjoy them. The latest feature cats, bats and raven clay toppers, with the sticks painted and wrapped in ribbon and pretty papers. Attached under each animal head are some matching beads and chain.
I am considering creating more animals, as the weeks progress. Check back for more details!
I also have new leather jewelry and new barrettes to share!

...And here are the ravens!

They all have pretty glass eyes, and the clay has a matte texture. These will go in my Etsy jewelry shop this week. I will be adding smaller versions as soon as possible, which will be a tad different.

More on Mr. Sticks soon. -Nat

BatsDay in Anahiem,Ca. Was a Success!

On May 1st, I participated in the annual BatsDay Celebration and Black Market near Disneyland! I was a vendor at the marketplace, and had a good time. Many of my new items were there, including hairsticks and leather jewelry. I plan on vending again soon in other locations, so keep an eye on the blog for update. Thanks to all who came out! :)-Nat

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Goodies In The Shop!

That's right, and new sugar skull beads to boot! We have the nice terra cotta, black and mocha combination above, and a green, black, white and brown combination below...
Love-love em! ^_^

In addition, I proudly present my(drum roll)...Leather Goods! I have two barrettes available: a nice crescent shaped barrette with poppies, and a sweet little brown battie. He hangs from your hair like a real bat would!


My batty has sold shortly after listing him! However, don't fret, because I plan on creating 3 more again: another little brown one, a black one with red eyes,(vampire bat) and an orange and blue fruit bat. Pics will follow shortly, as soon as they are finished. :)

Oh, and haven't forgotten my Trendy Tuesday posts that I need to make, just been really busy.

More soonly!-Nat ;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Latest Goodies!

A most pleasing combination of retro beads is now available in my shop. Inspired by children's book of the 1960's and 70's, I created these plump, disc and birdie beads. There's a little tree, some pretty flowers, and two birdies. Each one has a mirror image on the alternate side, and are hand painted with a teeny, tiny brush. What a sweet bracelet or necklace these would make!

I would like to create some additional ones with other themes too.

Next up, are some new birdie beads, in a chocolate brown, with baby blue accent, curly-swirly feathers. The eyes are a soothing, translucent blue glass, and the beak, a nice butter yellow. Top drilled to make excellent earrings.

More sugar skulls in new styles are now in my shop, such as these designs above-mosaic style! I pressed little colored glass beads into the clay, baked it, and added the white embellishments. They have an interesting, tribal look, I think. The largest fellow could make a nice pendant feature, while the two smaller could be some nice earrings too. All these are top drilled and come as a set.

And finally, what could go better than pink over black, to match those black over pink sugar skulls in the store? Now, a set of these, alongside the reverse colors, could make a great combination, with designer flair. These little guys are so funny looking to me, and each one seems to have their own personality. Like the reverse color style, these are side drilled as well.

All the above goodies are in my shop, while supplies last!

Another Praying Angel, and some other goodies in my upcoming blog post!

Ta for now,

Nat ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peekaboo, Guess What's New?

And guess what these are for?

...The answer? All kinds of fun things! ^_^

I've been busy creating all new shades of my sugar skull beads, as well as special combo items. :) You'll also notice some more birdie beads, which have some nice, light blue glass eyes. And some roses, which I've never offered before. I'm really excited about them all.

My month was super filled with family time, but things are quieter again, and I'm back into my previous groove with the blog here.

And this was last week's Praying Angel(sold) in my ebay store-which was actually a more male looking one, for a change. I received a request through my Deviant Art gallery, so I thought I'd create a few here and there between the more feminine ones.

Gotta run, but check back again to see how my new beads will look! :)


Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Rabbit and Ratty Works for Others!...

Recently, I received a commission for a ratty bracelet, very similar to my guinea pig one(left), which is currently in my Etsy Dreamtrappings Store...

...And here's the ratty version!...Essentially, I was asked to create one in similar style, but with illustrations of the customer's dear pet rats. The result was quite cute, complete with swiss cheese hearts. ^_^... (You see below, my preliminary illustrations on the shrink film, before baking...

In still other news, I have had the honor of being donating to a rabbit rescue called 'Bunny Luv', in Southern California, for a silent auction and dinner they are holding. I am a firm believer in the hard work that animal rescue people do, so I love offering any help I can-even if it's artwork only, to raise some money for the medical care, housing and adoption of wonderful animals.(Please, if you know anyone who wants a brand new bunny, and are in the area, check the above link first! They'd really appreciate it!) I offered them a rabbit-themed pendant, complete with a rabbit bead I created, and an original artwork with a bunny in it too. It's called,'Hello Rabbit Friend', and the print is now available in my Etsy Dishythicket Art Shop...

Incidentally, I haven't forgotten about Trendy Tuesdays-where I feature an artist of crafter/creative mind, on my site for fun. Just trying to select my first feature individual. :)
Finally, I've been working hard at my latest surprises in leathercraft! I have two, completely, hand tooled items, which need coloring and final sealing, and whatnot. I am thinking they will make some nice hair adornments. More on that soon! ^_-

Oh, and before I forget, my latest Praying Angel #60, is up for auction in my Ebay Store...

I think this one is a new fave if mine, due to the sweet and sleepy colors, as I like to call them. Lavenders, purples, a little fucshia and periwinkle-just find it pleasing...Love this lavender paper too!

So, until soon again-Nat ;)

P.s. Don't forget, I am always available for your art and jewelry custom ideas too! Just drop me a line in one of my Etsy stores, or leave a comment below.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Little Addition Called Trendy Tuesday!

Just letting you all know, I will try and feature another artist or crafty-creative person in my blog, at least one Tuesday a month-and maybe even more!
It's nice to see what else is out there, and with the zillions of creative people on etsy not being discovered, I think it's just a crime not to find them. So, maybe I can help.
Just a little something extra to look forward to from the Nat Blog. ^_^

In news related to me, however, I am doing what I can to round up my work for completion for the next two weeks. This includes the design for a bowling team's t-shirt, a custom-made rat-themed bracelet with my art charms on it and two art submissions for a silent auction at a Bunny rescue in Southern California. I love doing rescues for animals and related fare, because they need it so much. The people who work for such organisations are really tender souls.
More soon!
-Nat ;)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Latest Praying Angels...

My Natamonworld (ebay) store has many of my originals, prints, and weekly original auctions each month. Usually, the auctions consist of artcard, or aceo's, which measure just 2.5x3.5 inches each. (When not working on my jewelry, I am creating artwork...)
My praying angel mini artworks, were usually only just the angel as the main focus. However, I am excited to share, that the new ones, just started this month, have angel cats in them too. :)

The one above is a personal fave, but I have made a few more, that just sold...


...But now that Valentine's Day is passed, it's time for Spring-themed colors-which mimic the flowers, just starting to bloom!... Sky Blue...
...Mauve....(up these week-Feburary 23rd for auction)


...And Lemon...(up these week-Feburary 23rd for auction)


Working in such a small space is a challenge for me, but it can be quite rewarding. :)
To see even more examples of my artwork, visit my Deviant Art Gallery...

More on my current commissions soon....
-Nat ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cheshire Cat Necklace Ahoy!

Hi All!

And Welcome to my first art and creation blog!

You can find me all over the web, but here, you will get more information on my work from a blog-style perspective...

My website for where to find me is:

My largest online gallery can be found at Deviantart:

My weekly auctions for originals, and prints for sale are in my ebay store. These are more fantasy-realism and iconography:
My more surreal, silly, childlike artwork can be found in my Etsy Art Store: DishyThicket Art Store

And my Jewelry Designs can be found in my Etsy Jewelry Store:Dreamtrappings Shop

And, you can find me from time to time on Flickr:

I take all kinds of customs and commissions, so feel free to contact me at any of those locations, if you'd like to create some special with me. :)
Now, onto the latest Blog news!
My signature Cheshire Cat Design has found it's way into necklace form! It currently comes in periwinkle, burgundy and black.

The periwinkle style will be featured in a Wonderland Fashion article in the Austrailian Newspaper, Courier Mail, on March 5th 2010!
But you can always find it in my jewelry shop too. :)

It is a lot of fun seeing his silly mug in necklace form, as well as earrings.
I can't even count how many times I have drawn him-at least several years now. Amazing how time flies.

I also created my own Floating Cheshire t-shirt, by illustrating the front with dye markers...., though this was just something I'd wanted to wear for fun.(However, I could make anyone one of these, if they wanted to commission one on any article of clothing)

I have lots of new goodies in my Etsy Jewelry Shop, so drop on by and see what's new!

-For all interested, feel free to add me here, or any other site I am a part of. :)

P.s. I'll be adding a very special announcement in my next blog post!