Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Goodies In The Shop!

That's right, and new sugar skull beads to boot! We have the nice terra cotta, black and mocha combination above, and a green, black, white and brown combination below...
Love-love em! ^_^

In addition, I proudly present my(drum roll)...Leather Goods! I have two barrettes available: a nice crescent shaped barrette with poppies, and a sweet little brown battie. He hangs from your hair like a real bat would!


My batty has sold shortly after listing him! However, don't fret, because I plan on creating 3 more again: another little brown one, a black one with red eyes,(vampire bat) and an orange and blue fruit bat. Pics will follow shortly, as soon as they are finished. :)

Oh, and haven't forgotten my Trendy Tuesday posts that I need to make, just been really busy.

More soonly!-Nat ;)

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