Monday, October 1, 2012

                   Greetings All!

                       The H.P. Lovecraft Film Fest was a unique experience, in a marvelous old, Art Deco-styled theatre. I want to thank all those who stopped by to say,'Hello', and hope to see you again at the next vend in November at The Double Tree Suits Hotel for The Fall Bats Day Black Market. :)
                     Me and my business partner Liam Damon, setting up on the first day at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro,Ca...

                                           For this special vend, I created an original artwork, in tribute of the classic short story writer...
                        The original,'Lovecraft Writes', is still available in my shop, and prints will be available tomorrow...

                              And although I am currently working on custom orders, I will also be adding all new items to both my art and jewelry shops over the next 4 weeks. So, be sure and check them often to see what special items have been added. ;)
                             I also plan to create an annual Halloween Queen for 2012, so check back here for that as well.
                             Until soon again, Nat

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

                          Greetings All! 
                         And thanks for hanging in there whilst I've been super busy.
                                 I have two vends this September that some of you may be very excited about!
                                The first will be "The Comikaze Expo" on Sept. 15th and 16th in Los Angeles. 
                                 Then, two weeks later, I'll be vending at the   annual "H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuCon" in San 

                                 I will have all kinds of new goodies for these events, so be prepared for some new spooky and different stuff from me. :)
                                 I'll post again here as soon as I have another chance, but that is all for now. Cheers!-Nat :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

                               This week's original arrrrrrre....
                                                                        Pirate Cat #4

                                                            Praying Angel and Cat #165

                                                     Photos of my latest creations-including some brand new leather masks, coming sooooon! -Nat ;)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

                                                                  Hi folks!

               Sorry for the delay in updating-I have been quite busy with multiple projects. But I still have had time to create some new goodies, such as the following auctions up until the 19th of June-check em out...

                                                              Praying Angel & Cat #164

                                                                          Pirate Cat #3

                                         And just what happened to Pirate Cat #2 you ask?? Well, here he is below-as I was unable to post him while he was up for auction last week....
                                                                        Pirate Cat #2

                                      Prints of all my kitties from this series will soon be available in my Dishythicket Etsy store, so hang loose all! :)

                                      I had an interesting vend at the Ink-N-Iron hotrod/tattoo festival in Long Beach, Ca. And next up, I shall be at the Jareth's Masquerade Ball(June 29th and 30th) with all NEW wares in tow! This will include-and get ready for this one.. leather masks! Squeeee!!

                                      For those unable to attend, it's all good, as I shall be snagging lots and lots of photos.
                                      And the goodies left will go up online for purchase and viewing.
                                      Things are super busy, but I wanted to at least update those who wish to be in the know. ;)
                                       More soon, Nat

Sunday, June 3, 2012

  This week's original art for sale are....
                                            Pirate Cats #1(brand new series!!)
                                            Guardian Angel Against Wildfires

                                                           The Twins #1
                               (new series devoted to the curiosity that are twins!

                                              I try and list these here in a timely fashion, but due to all the hats I wear week to week, I cannot always post them here the day they are listed. So, to make sure you don't miss out on what's new, as soon as I place it up on ebay, simply favorite me on ebay. You can find the link to favorite me at the bottom of every auction I list.
                                             I tend to list my originals at least once a month, but once a week in a given month, when I am able. Like I said, checking back is the way to go. ;)

                                             I will also be selling my jewelry at the upcoming 'Ink-N-Iron' Festival this June 8th-10th in Long Beach, Ca. on the lovely Queen Mary Ship, so come on out and say hello!
                                             Until the next update, be safe all-Nat

Friday, May 25, 2012

                     Thanks to everyone who came out to see me at the BatsDay Black Market in Anahiem, California! It was fun and I made some wonderful new pals. :)

                     I will be vending next at the Ink and Iron Festival, June 8-10th from 11am-9pm! This a massive event with lots of HotRod, Tattoo Culture and Much More. I will be at a booth with the Art Collective "Mimsy Borogove". Still selling all the goodies you've come to expect, only under this artistic group umbrella! At our booth you will find everything from hair accessories to hand painted crafts, with a heavy emphasis on fashion and adornments.
                     For the Ink and Iron Fest, we will be in the 'Vintage Fashion' portion of the marketplace, so look for me there!

                     In other news, for those who have not liked my Facebook Art Page, I heartily welcome you to do so. There will be updates there and here regularly, and I'd love to have the company in my neck of the Facebook woods, so drop on by and hit that 'like' button! :)

                    And for the next few months, I will have a great deal of brand new items hitting both my Art and Jewelry Etsy Stores, so checking back often is the way to go. ;)

                    The two items available for my Ebay Auctions are below for the week of the 22nd-29th of May:

 I am also starting a new art card series with Twins as the subject. They will be listed next week in my ebay auctions.
 So, until the next update, see you soon, Nat ;)



Monday, April 30, 2012

                                              YES! Cats and Chickens can be friends! Or at least they can in some of my artworks... ;)
                                              It's Spring/Summer, and this means we may see some new art cards with outdoor-cute! Animals, out and about, maybe even exploring!
                                              In real life, I am very busy at work, getting some extra stock ready for my vending opportunity on May 19th(The BatsDay Black Market). More beads, more necklaces, and more decor-including some brand new, hand painted boxes and containers!
                                              I also have a piece that is available for the raffle portion of the event, a watercolor piece with a surreal Alice in Wonderland theme...
And, if you mention that you follow my blog at my table in May, you will get a free gift. :)

 More goodies coming all the time in my shop, including two new Raven pendants! Check em out...
I shall return again soon, take care, Nat :)


Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Boy and His Magic Dog....

For those who love the cartoon show,'Adventure Time', here's my take on the two main characters. :)
This 5x7 print is available at a super-low price for a limited time, so get it while you can.
(The original is also still currently available-simply contact me on Etsy for details)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

              I WILL BE at the MERCANTILE FLEA MARKET, in Fullerton,Ca. this **Saturday the 7th of April from 10-4pm** with all my jewelry and art goodies galore! Grab something for an Easter gift!

   Plus, some special prices and give-aways to anyone who comes out who saw this message online!! You want free stuff, right? Then come visit us! :3 (click the link below for directions and info)


         Also! I have some new goodies in both my jewelry and art shops!
         Here are the new things in my Art Shop-very excited about these...

Customized Sugar Skull Decor Sets!

Around 2x3 inches in size, these are a cute addition to your home, event, wedding, or makes a great gift. Plus, you get to select the colors of these cuties-the sky's the limit!
Each are hand signed on the bottom and no two couple sets are alike-all special and person to your order. :3

And in my Jewelry Shop...

These two fellows are the 'royal upgrade' to my already whimsical Raven Beads. They are also in very limited supply, and I only have a certain number of king crowns, as they are rare, vintage stock. Once they are gone, they're gone-so get these while you can. :)

Customized Large-Hole Sugar Skull Beads!

After customers asking requesting my signature Sugar Skull beads with larger holes, I now have them available in my shop! You pick the color and if you'd like them top or side drilled. Perfect for those Pandora-Style bracelets and ball chain necklaces!

Even more goodies could be in my shops since you last visited, so feel free to drop by and see what's new. ;)
Have a good one all!-Nat

Thursday, March 29, 2012

     Greetings All !
          This post is to share my current original auctions this week, of miniature artworks!
           It came to my attention that too many people were missing these original works due to me not making it known in my blog, so here they are!

                                     Below are the following items up for bid...
                                                     Bejeweled Bird #1
          This piece launches my brand new series of bejeweled birds, starting with a sweet little owl...
                                                    Bejeweled Cat #59
Next in my series of the feline-jeweled variety, we get a glimpse of Devon Rex breed cat in a land of art nouveau fantasy....
This Chihuahua holds a special perfume bottle, made only for her!...
This piece has a pleasing blend of yellow ochre, purples and an avocado green...
One of my new faves in this ever-growing series of angels and angel cats! Complete with a deep blue with a slight greenish hue, caramel and burnt sienna...

Soooo, that is what is available for auction this week, and I will try as I can, to post the links here as each series continues.
Previously, I was posting them for auction weekly, but as the demand increased for my custom art and jewelry orders, I had to drop down these original auctions to 1-2 times a month.
And also, remember, I will be posting here again when I make the next batch-so if you like what you see, please add this blog to the blogs you follow, or check back throughout the month for links/images!
Have a great day!-Nat ;)