Saturday, June 16, 2012

                                                                  Hi folks!

               Sorry for the delay in updating-I have been quite busy with multiple projects. But I still have had time to create some new goodies, such as the following auctions up until the 19th of June-check em out...

                                                              Praying Angel & Cat #164

                                                                          Pirate Cat #3

                                         And just what happened to Pirate Cat #2 you ask?? Well, here he is below-as I was unable to post him while he was up for auction last week....
                                                                        Pirate Cat #2

                                      Prints of all my kitties from this series will soon be available in my Dishythicket Etsy store, so hang loose all! :)

                                      I had an interesting vend at the Ink-N-Iron hotrod/tattoo festival in Long Beach, Ca. And next up, I shall be at the Jareth's Masquerade Ball(June 29th and 30th) with all NEW wares in tow! This will include-and get ready for this one.. leather masks! Squeeee!!

                                      For those unable to attend, it's all good, as I shall be snagging lots and lots of photos.
                                      And the goodies left will go up online for purchase and viewing.
                                      Things are super busy, but I wanted to at least update those who wish to be in the know. ;)
                                       More soon, Nat

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