Monday, July 19, 2010

Dragon Ferrets and Guinea Pigs?

Yes! You heard, right, Ferrets and Guinea Pigs, with Dragon wings! In necklace form, that is...
I sold my first Dragon Ferret, which was a sort of brownish-cinnamon color:

So, I decided to create some more, in smoke/black and white, and an albino ferret, with red eyes...(both are the same proportioned images, only the 2nd one looks chunkier, due to the camera angle)

And of course, a Dragon Guinea Pig!

A new raven necklace and antique sugar skulls are now in my shop as well:

This week's Praying Angel(and Angel Cat)-auction almost over!

New Praying Angel in a few days, and I'll be listing a new one. :)

More goodies and new ferret artworks for charity, coming soon!
Until then, Nat

1 comment:

  1. awesome! very excellent!!!! I usually say more constructive criticism but this is so perfect! The guinea pig rules!