Thursday, February 7, 2013

                  Hi All,
              And sorry for the delay in writing more often. Since last Summer in 2012, I have been super busy, thus suggest everyone visit either my Deviantart Gallery or *like* my Creatornat Art Facebook Page. I'll be updating these far more often, and it's shakin' a lot more over there, than over here. ;)
             Plus, as part of a big-fat announcement, I am creating ART DOLLS now. Yes! Below is a pic of my very first, named Bellowrot. 

                        I'll also be vending at Clockwork Couture in Burbank,Ca. the weekend of Feb. 9th at their 'Geek Chic' event, and then again at BatsDay Black Market in March. All the details should be in my Facebook, so see all of you there!
                -Nat ;)

1 comment:

  1. I love it, Nat, his posture, the vibrancy, and that you incorporated different mediums.

    (Is he chained to the cross?) ;)