Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Latest Praying Angels...

My Natamonworld (ebay) store has many of my originals, prints, and weekly original auctions each month. Usually, the auctions consist of artcard, or aceo's, which measure just 2.5x3.5 inches each. (When not working on my jewelry, I am creating artwork...)
My praying angel mini artworks, were usually only just the angel as the main focus. However, I am excited to share, that the new ones, just started this month, have angel cats in them too. :)

The one above is a personal fave, but I have made a few more, that just sold...


...But now that Valentine's Day is passed, it's time for Spring-themed colors-which mimic the flowers, just starting to bloom!... Sky Blue...
...Mauve....(up these week-Feburary 23rd for auction)


...And Lemon...(up these week-Feburary 23rd for auction)


Working in such a small space is a challenge for me, but it can be quite rewarding. :)
To see even more examples of my artwork, visit my Deviant Art Gallery...

More on my current commissions soon....
-Nat ;)

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