Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Little Addition Called Trendy Tuesday!

Just letting you all know, I will try and feature another artist or crafty-creative person in my blog, at least one Tuesday a month-and maybe even more!
It's nice to see what else is out there, and with the zillions of creative people on etsy not being discovered, I think it's just a crime not to find them. So, maybe I can help.
Just a little something extra to look forward to from the Nat Blog. ^_^

In news related to me, however, I am doing what I can to round up my work for completion for the next two weeks. This includes the design for a bowling team's t-shirt, a custom-made rat-themed bracelet with my art charms on it and two art submissions for a silent auction at a Bunny rescue in Southern California. I love doing rescues for animals and related fare, because they need it so much. The people who work for such organisations are really tender souls.
More soon!
-Nat ;)

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