Friday, February 19, 2010

Cheshire Cat Necklace Ahoy!

Hi All!

And Welcome to my first art and creation blog!

You can find me all over the web, but here, you will get more information on my work from a blog-style perspective...

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I take all kinds of customs and commissions, so feel free to contact me at any of those locations, if you'd like to create some special with me. :)
Now, onto the latest Blog news!
My signature Cheshire Cat Design has found it's way into necklace form! It currently comes in periwinkle, burgundy and black.

The periwinkle style will be featured in a Wonderland Fashion article in the Austrailian Newspaper, Courier Mail, on March 5th 2010!
But you can always find it in my jewelry shop too. :)

It is a lot of fun seeing his silly mug in necklace form, as well as earrings.
I can't even count how many times I have drawn him-at least several years now. Amazing how time flies.

I also created my own Floating Cheshire t-shirt, by illustrating the front with dye markers...., though this was just something I'd wanted to wear for fun.(However, I could make anyone one of these, if they wanted to commission one on any article of clothing)

I have lots of new goodies in my Etsy Jewelry Shop, so drop on by and see what's new!

-For all interested, feel free to add me here, or any other site I am a part of. :)

P.s. I'll be adding a very special announcement in my next blog post!

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