Monday, May 3, 2010

HairSticks! Goodie-Goodie!

Who's got the hairsticks? Well me of course! ^_^
Yes, I have added yet another feather to my artistic cap in creating these, and I truly enjoy them. The latest feature cats, bats and raven clay toppers, with the sticks painted and wrapped in ribbon and pretty papers. Attached under each animal head are some matching beads and chain.
I am considering creating more animals, as the weeks progress. Check back for more details!
I also have new leather jewelry and new barrettes to share!

...And here are the ravens!

They all have pretty glass eyes, and the clay has a matte texture. These will go in my Etsy jewelry shop this week. I will be adding smaller versions as soon as possible, which will be a tad different.

More on Mr. Sticks soon. -Nat

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  1. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing (*cough* attempting *cough*) a drawing a day for the entire month of November. Or just doing one or two drawings. I'm doing a challenge over at my blog... I don't know many artists online so I'm trying to spread the word. :)