Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Changes Are Good!

Hi Everyone,

If you decided to drop by my Ebay Art Store,'Natamonworld', you'll most likely exclaim,'Where did Nat's store go!!??' But it's all ok! I'm picking up, and moving all my artwork, exclusively to Etsy!
I'm simply combining my ebay store contents, with my DishyThicket Etsy Art one. And although it sounds simple enough, it's a bit more complex, as I have hundreds of works to place into it. But never fear, as I will load it up, bit by steady bit. ;)
However, I am still auctioning off one original art card, each week on ebay, just without the store in the background. So keep expecting those-infact, a new one will be up tomorrow evening.

Many more goodies are also being added to the Dreamtrappings Jewelry Store on Etsy, so check back weekly for more and more new things being added all the time. I have many new items to list, so hooray for variety and quantity in one!
Here are just a few new items of mine:
New Sugar Skull Colors!..Gray and...

Sugar Skull Beads That Glow In the Dark!

A Leather, Glass and Antique Bronze Sacred Heart Necklace:

A Leather Wonderland "Eat" Bun and "Drink" Bottle...

Naturally, that's only the start of it! Even more Sugar Skulls, leather tooled items(of all kinds!), pendants, bracelets and more are being added daily.

A new video for that, also coming soon...

Until the next update-Nat ;)

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