Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peekaboo, Guess What's New?

And guess what these are for?

...The answer? All kinds of fun things! ^_^

I've been busy creating all new shades of my sugar skull beads, as well as special combo items. :) You'll also notice some more birdie beads, which have some nice, light blue glass eyes. And some roses, which I've never offered before. I'm really excited about them all.

My month was super filled with family time, but things are quieter again, and I'm back into my previous groove with the blog here.

And this was last week's Praying Angel(sold) in my ebay store-which was actually a more male looking one, for a change. I received a request through my Deviant Art gallery, so I thought I'd create a few here and there between the more feminine ones.

Gotta run, but check back again to see how my new beads will look! :)


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