Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Latest Goodies!

A most pleasing combination of retro beads is now available in my shop. Inspired by children's book of the 1960's and 70's, I created these plump, disc and birdie beads. There's a little tree, some pretty flowers, and two birdies. Each one has a mirror image on the alternate side, and are hand painted with a teeny, tiny brush. What a sweet bracelet or necklace these would make!

I would like to create some additional ones with other themes too.

Next up, are some new birdie beads, in a chocolate brown, with baby blue accent, curly-swirly feathers. The eyes are a soothing, translucent blue glass, and the beak, a nice butter yellow. Top drilled to make excellent earrings.

More sugar skulls in new styles are now in my shop, such as these designs above-mosaic style! I pressed little colored glass beads into the clay, baked it, and added the white embellishments. They have an interesting, tribal look, I think. The largest fellow could make a nice pendant feature, while the two smaller could be some nice earrings too. All these are top drilled and come as a set.

And finally, what could go better than pink over black, to match those black over pink sugar skulls in the store? Now, a set of these, alongside the reverse colors, could make a great combination, with designer flair. These little guys are so funny looking to me, and each one seems to have their own personality. Like the reverse color style, these are side drilled as well.

All the above goodies are in my shop, while supplies last!

Another Praying Angel, and some other goodies in my upcoming blog post!

Ta for now,

Nat ;)

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