Monday, April 30, 2012

                                              YES! Cats and Chickens can be friends! Or at least they can in some of my artworks... ;)
                                              It's Spring/Summer, and this means we may see some new art cards with outdoor-cute! Animals, out and about, maybe even exploring!
                                              In real life, I am very busy at work, getting some extra stock ready for my vending opportunity on May 19th(The BatsDay Black Market). More beads, more necklaces, and more decor-including some brand new, hand painted boxes and containers!
                                              I also have a piece that is available for the raffle portion of the event, a watercolor piece with a surreal Alice in Wonderland theme...
And, if you mention that you follow my blog at my table in May, you will get a free gift. :)

 More goodies coming all the time in my shop, including two new Raven pendants! Check em out...
I shall return again soon, take care, Nat :)



  1. That sounds and looks lovely! If I lived anywhere near I'd definitely visit. Hope you'll have a fun day!

    1. Thanks so much Blue Eyed Night Owl. :) I am really pumped up about it-it's just around the corner right now. And thanks for the kind words. God Bless You Friend. :3

  2. Hey Nat, I love your art... found you from Russ's blog. How have you guys been doing anyway? It's been too long since we saw you two! :)

    1. Hey There Kelly!
      And thanks for your all your wonderful compliments-Rob and I have been going 90-to-nothing, busy with life's usual handfuls. I hope you and Russ are doing very well though!